Genealogy Speaker
I enjoy genealogy and I enjoy teaching - sharing information and sharing my enthusiasm, encouraging my students, making things clear.

I have have spoken on the following topics to the Santa Clara County Historical & Genealogical Society (about 1 hour 15 minutes each)
1.  Choosing genealogy software
2.  Using DNA testing for genealogy research
3.  Getting organized (Subtitle: What a Mess!)
4.  Building your own genealogy website
5.  Evaluating Sources: How do you know what to believe?
I have taught an 8-week Introduction to Genealogy for Campbell Adult Ed and for Avenidas Senior Center, including the following topics (2 hours each)
1.  Getting started - goals, family group sheets, pedigree charts, how to record your information, building on other people's research, principles of research.
2.  Using the census
3.  Types of records and where to find them
4.  Using the Internet
5.  Organizing your research, and DNA testing
6.  Documenting & evaluating sources
7.  Tour of a local genealogy library
8.  Software:
    Choosing genealogy software
    Gedcom files
    Using Word and Excel for lists

You can contact me by email at    ds at debbieshields dot com 
(To use this email address, change the word "at" to @, change the word "dot" to a period, 
and remove the spaces. I write it this way in an attempt to foil spammers.)