1953-54, 3rd grade, Cameron (McConnell House), Mr Guy
Row1 Gordon Slater, Georgia Dithridge, ??, Debbie Shields, ??, Linda Fawcett, Duane Beamon, Victoria ?, ??
Row2 Marsha??, Bobby Griffith, ??, Douglas Osborne, ??, ??, Jerry Doss, Phyllis Baer, Bobby Grant
Row3 ??, Gordon Sheely, ??, John Cole, ??, ??, Paul Toscano, Richard Casler
Row4  Eugene Code, ??, ??, Gary Pray, Lloyd Kolpack, Mr. Guy

The McConnell House was an extension of Cameron School, with third grade classes on double sessions (while the district was frantically building more schools because of the baby boom).  Our class was in the living room; Mrs. Hutchinson's class was in two bedrooms with a hole in the wall for the teacher to go back and forth between the rooms.  The house was next to Walnut Creek, on the north side of the creek, east of Lark Ellen.  I looked online recently and the house is no longer there.  John Ellison was in Mrs Hutchinson's class, and he says the highlight of that year for him was when Mr Guy broke his arm teaching the boys tackle football.

As you can see, I need SERIOUS help with these faces!  Hint: a bunch of these kids show up later at Coronado School in the 5th & 6th grade.  I think they probably went to Sunset Jr High and Edgewood High School.  Help, anyone? 
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