West Covina class pictures
New picture added May 2013, and I think I've entered all the corrections I've received to date. 
I'd REALLY like help with the Class of '63 5th & 6th grade at Coronado and the 4th grade & 8th grade at Sunset,
because quite a few of the un-named faces there match the ones in my 3rd grade at Cameron. 
And does anyone have the Class of '63 2nd grade with Mrs. Thomas at Cameron?

Class of '62
1952-53 3rd grade Cameron - Mrs Baines
1953-54 4th grade Sunset - Mrs Vold
1954-55 5th grade Cameron - Mr Meoli

Class of '63
1950-51 kindergarten Cameron - Mrs Mautz & Mrs Brown
1951-52 1st Grade Cameron - Mrs Proffitt
1951-52 1st grade Cameron - Mrs Sanchez
1952-53 2nd grade Cameron - Mrs Burns
1953-54 3rd grade Cameron - Mr Guy
1953-54 3rd grade Cameron - Miss Hutchison
1954-55 4th grade Cameron/Coronado Mrs Faust
1954-55 4th grade Sunset Mr Robertson
 1955-56 5th grade Cameron - Mrs Bethard
1955-56 5th grade Coronado - Mr Belknap
1955-56 5th grade Cameron/Merced - Mr Meoli
1956-57 6th grade Merced - Miss Foster
1956-57 6th grade Cameron - Miss Johnson

1956-57 6th grade Coronado - Mrs Forman

1956-57 6th grade San Jose - Mrs Bigelow
1956-57 6th grade Cameron - Mr Sheard
1957-58 7th grade Cameron - Mr Wagnon
1957-58 7th grade Cameron - Mr Greeley
1957-58 7th grade Cameron - Mr Merrifield
1958-59 8th grade Cameron - Mr Dunahoo
1958-59 8th grade Cameron - Mr Johnson
1958-59 8th grade Sunset Mr Shepherd

Class of '64
1959-60 8th grade Cameron - Mr Dunahoo
1959-60 8th grade Cameron - Mr Johnson

1959-60 8th grade Cameron - Mrs Lucier

1959-60 8th grade Cameron - Mr Thynne

Class of '65

1955-56 3rd grade Cameron - Mrs Britton

1959-60 7th grade Cameron - Mr Black
1959-60 7th grade Cameron - Mr Meoli
1959-60 7th grade Cameron Mr Merrifield
1959-60 7th grade Cameron - Mr Sitz

Class of '66
1959-60 6th grade Cameron Mr. Butler
1960-61 7th grade Cameron - Mr Buckingham

Class of '67
1959-60 5th grade Cameron Mrs Hartman

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scan it at 300dpi B&W with gray scale, save as TIF,
email to:  ds at debbieshields dot com
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and remove the spaces. I write it this way in an attempt to foil spammers.)

Please include a list of names, or at least as many as you remember.

Special thanks go to David Cross, who started this project, and Sharon Childs, who got me involved. 
David scanned his 7th grade class picture and emailed it to Sharon who forwarded it to me. 
I never could resist a puzzle: who ARE all these people? 
We identified as many as we could - someone remembered a first name & told the other two,
which tweaked our memory and we came up with the last name; and I used my high school yearbooks.
 I decided to post it on the internet & see if we could get some other people involved in this game,
then thought of all my class pictures - and off I went! 

I've thought before of making a home page, but couldn't think of anything I wanted to post that was worth the trouble
(there are already too many sites with "pictures of my cat scratching himself"!)
 I hope other people enjoy the results; I've had a ball with it.

Credit also goes to too many other people to name, who have contributed class pictures,
or helped with names of people we couldn't identify (or had mis-identified) 

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