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In the midst of shelter in place due to the coronavirus, Iím grateful that the news media is putting so much of their attention on positive things, like the many ways in which people are helping each other.

 Iím grateful for people who post beautiful pictures of flowers, and for people who post things that make me laugh.

 Iím grateful that so much information is available Ė thereís a lot that isnít known, but whatever is known is easily available Ė

and Iím grateful that I can turn the news off when I want to. 

Iím grateful that I donít currently have any medical issues, so I donít have to spend time at the doctor or hospital. 

Iím mildly depressed, but Iím grateful for the knowledge that depression is normal under the circumstances, and for the knowledge that I will get through it. 

Iím grateful that I donít have school-age kids who donít have a school to go to. 

Iím grateful for relative financial stability Ė I need to find a part time job, but if it has to wait for a few months, it wonít be a disaster.

 Iím grateful that Iím not a health care worker.

 Iím grateful that I donít need to travel.

 Iím grateful that I donít need to ride the bus.

 Iím grateful for Al-anon and my other 12 Step groups which have taught me to take care of myself.

 Iím grateful that my various support groups are learning how to meet online.

 Iím grateful for Zoom, for Facebook, and for friends who call just to chat.

 Iím grateful that the stores I use are doing everything they can to keep their shelves stocked.

 When I originally wrote this I was grateful for nice weather so I could go for a walk every day Ė it was mild even when it was raining.

 Now that itís gotten warmer, Iím grateful for air conditioning.

 Iím grateful for clean air Ė it was amazing, how quickly the smog went away after people quit driving because of shelter-in-place.

 Iím grateful for my neighbors and for the people in the stores, all of whom are polite about social distancing.

 Iím grateful to my friend who had a spare container of disinfecting wipes.

 Iím grateful for my hoarding tendencies, which are the reason why I have a box of disposable gloves (which I hadnít used for 20 years).

 Iím especially grateful for my sister Beth.

"Full power to the Shields!"
       - Jean-Luc Picard

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